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Voted Best In Killeen and Harker Heights
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The attention to detail is impressive, as is the emphasis on treating causes, rather than symptoms. If all modern medicine took this approach, we would have a much healthier population.
Aaron Mayer


During the summer of 1987, I had a horrible back injury. After twenty two years of medical diagnoses, numerous medications and traditional physical therapy, I have never fully recovered. For years I have suffered with constant pain radiating down my legs to my feet. The Doctors at Corrective Chiropractic immediately took a deep interest in my condition and started me on a treatment plan including spinal decompression therapy and manipulations. The doctors at Corrective Chiropractic have worked to solve the problem, not just treat my symptoms. The relief I have experienced from the treatments I have received has given me a new outlook on life. I highly recommend the care that only Corrective Chiropractic can offer.

Dave Lewis


Very happy with the program. Pleased with my care best ever!

Rep. Ralph Sheffield
State Representative, Texas House District 55


The doctors & staff explain things well and after a week I started to feel better after years of being in pain.
Doris Ballard


My name is Stormie Gordon and I would like for people to know how Corrective Chiropractic has changed my life! Due to a referral by a friend, and my desperation for pain relief from two herniated discs in my neck and two in my back, I went expecting there would be nothing that could be done for me. WOW, was I wrong! In just a few short weeks, I went from extreme pain to no pain at all. I went from being attached to my recliner to now being active once more like I was in my younger years. I will soon be 55 and now have new hope for a long, pain free life!!!! YIPPEE!
Stormie Gordon


This has been an awesome experience. It was unexpectedly affordable. There was no medication involved.
Joseph Brown


I have never been to a chiropractor before and it has been amazing to understand what exactly the problem is and know how we are addressing it! I have already started recommending you to friends!
Erin Tsatosos


I am finding relief from an ongoing nerve/compression problem after only 2 treatments.
Dolly Underwood


Since receiving treatment here just over the last week, I've become more aware and knowledgeable of how small injuries or physical concerns, if treated early, can vastly help prevent major ones in the future.
Marchaund Tiller


I appreciated the professionalism and positive attitude of the staff. Also, I feel like I am treated with respect and care, I am more than a 'number' and that the doctors truly care about my wellbeing.
Paola Benson


I have been having neck pains due to my excessive work on laptop, thanks to Dr. Jason since I have started seeing him I have been neck pain FREE in a very short time frame. Also, Dr. Jason is very knowledgeable in other health issues as well. I recommend anyone to please give Corrective Chiropractic a try!
Abdul Subhani


Very friendly staff, feel a lot of emphasis is put on patient questions and ensuring I am receiving care that is specific to my needs.
Kenneth Zubaty


I have not experienced any back issues or injuries so I never would have thought I needed a chiropractor but I am very glad I tried it when we brought my husband. I had pain from tense lower back at night but assumed it was due to my pregnancy (6 months along) and normal; however after only a few visits I no longer have pain in my lower back. My chiropractor found another tense spot and is fixing it. Most importantly I already feel an impact and I love the educational portion they have here. I plan to continue to come.
Vanessa Najera


I was completely satisfied with my care. Personal call from my chiropractor to follow up on my care was appreciated.
Attalie Santiago


Very nice and courteous staff. Very knowledgeable and actually care about people being treated.
Brandon Whorton


I appreciate the diagnostic test. Without it I would not have known what was going on with my body even though there were not any symptoms or immediate discomfort or pain.
Elizabeth Whiteside


At the age of 65, I had never been to a chiropractor. I re-injured the rotator cuff on my right shoulder and sought care at Scott and White Hospital. I had an MRI and surgery was recommended. I searched for alternatives to surgery; it was recommended to me that I see a chiropractor. I made an appointment with Dr. Shane Isdale at Corrective Chiropractic. After, a few months of treatment and doing some exercises that he recommended, my shoulder was totally healed and free from pain. Prior to chiropractic care I couldn't lift my right arm. I am so thankful that I didn't go forward with the surgery.
Jim Mellon


The doctor was very thorough and ensured that I understand my condition & care needed to improve. The staff is friendly & helpful also.
Cynthia Pearson


Dr. Shane is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. So far, the treatments have really been helping.
Matthew Monfreda


A very good experience from everyone starting with the first phone call to schedule my appointment. I would recommend this office to others. Very friendly environment.
Carolyn Terrell


The hospitality of the staff is wonderful and welcoming. Dr. Shane makes me feel that he cares about all his patients individually and not just a number. I also like that he educates his patients.
Daliann James


I have already recommended the clinic to a few family & friends. The staff is always so friendly & welcoming, and Dr. Shane is awesome.☺
Leah Albino


Very professional & helpful with all questions. Always positive attitude.
James Dykes


The staff is nice and always have a smile. The Doctors are also nice and will work with you. When I'm done with my adjustment with Dr. Jason Degenhardt I feel relieved than before I signed in for my appointment.
Jonathan Lopez


I started going to Corrective Chiropractic in 2008. Going has made my life so much better. I am a fitness instructor at Golds Gym. Prior to my treatment, my back and neck hurt all the time, and my posture was bad. Once I started going to Corrective Chiropractic I noticed a difference in my posture and fitness level. I feel wonderful and won't stop going to Corrective Chiropractic.
Cheri Kemp


Wonderful staff! Easy to work with. They break everything down so it's easy to understand.
Michael Hamilton


I have been very pleased with my care and all the staff. The hours are very nice for me since I work 8-5.
B. Freeman


After experiencing months of chronic pain and compromised mobility, family members encouraged me to go to Corrective Chiropractic. I was told by 3 physicians to get on my walker and to get used to it. I was told I would use it for the rest of my life. After a few weeks with the Doctors and wonderful support staff, I am happily mobile without the use of a walker or cane and my level of pain is wonderfully improved.
Sylvia Kotlarich


You are all wonderful! I feel so much better already & look forward to my visits!
Elizabeth Harrell


Best thing I ever did for myself was initiating chiropractic care!
Sarah Campbell-Hester


I have been struggling with chronic migraines for year. I've been given the run around and no answers from my doctor but immediately was given useful information from Dr. Degenhardt that has already given me a huge relief with my daily pain.
Jennifer Sharp


I have felt very welcome here by helpful staff. I feel that I have made a good choice getting chiropractic care.
Elizabeth Totten


I greatly appreciate the service that Corrective Chiropractic offers. I had always been curious to know how to correct my back pain, but hadn't gotten treated until now. If it weren't for the free spinal test that was offered at Vitamin Shoppe, I'm not sure I would have made it in.
Tawni Lay


This place has helped me so much in just the short time that I've been here. The staff is amazing and so kind!
Kristin Morris


Great, friendly staff! I love how the entire office flows through with every patient transition of service. I'm telling all my friends.
Sylvia Moreno


Everyone is very friendly and professional. I feel very comfortable here.
Genevieve Torres


All the staff is very friendly and helpful. They go beyond just the treatment of patients' problems and show true concern about patient's wellbeing.
Steven Hornbeck


Thorough explanation of the x-ray results. Everyone is always respectful and courteous.
Stephen Rutledge


Everyone in office is very friendly, helpful and informative about care given.
Theresa Maskunas


Fantastic staff; Dr. Shane seems to care about helping me correct my issues. Very informative.
Dinae Rogiers


Everyone is kind and helpful and the Dr is amazing. Thank you so much!
Phyllis Hughes


I am in a debt of gratitude to you and your team at Corrective Chiropractic. When I first made contact with your office at Hood Howdy, I never thought a chiropractor would be able to assist me with my fitness goals. I was just getting out of the military and had low back problems that were compounded over my military career. I had simply accepted that pain would be a part of my life. This resulted in poor posture, headaches and lack of enthusiasm to go to the gym. After working with you and your team, my posture improved, my headaches disappeared, my low back pain ceased and I started going back to the gym.
Tim Stroud


Thorough explanation of the x-ray results. Everyone is always respectful and courteous.
Stephen Rutledge


Great staff and facility. I wish I would have started doing this sooner!
Blake Moore


Treatment has given me very positive results. Had it not been given, I would still be in pain and incapacitated.
Nelson Gonzalez


Very good staff and doctor is great with explaining what you have and how to get better. I feel very good coming to the clinic and I would recommend it to anybody.
Neriel Gonzalez


Friendly staff, knowledgeable doctors, fast appointment times, no long waits!!
Roxie Talavera

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What is Chiropractic?
Along with medicine and osteopathy, chiropractic is one of the western world's three major healing professions. Chiropractors specialize in treating biomechanical causes of disease that result from misalignments of the spine and poor posture.
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