Sports Performance and Injuries

Sports & Other Injuries
Athletic Performance and Sports Injury Care
Chiropractic care is used by top athletes around the world to achieve full athletic potential, help prevent future injuries and to treat injuries when they do occur.  When you are an athlete, you are constantly putting your body under stress.  This stress causes dysfunction throughout your body which limits your athletic potential and makes you more susceptible to injury.  For this reason every athlete should seek maintenance care (chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, etc.).

Despite the best efforts, some injuries are unavoidable.  Having the right care to promote healing and resume activity as soon as possible, while avoiding re-injury, is imperative.  Combining spinal manipulation, extraspinal manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, various modalities and rehabilitation as needed, allows us to design a specific program to suit the individual needs of each patient. This helps to rehabilitate the injured or dysfunctional area by focusing on the underlying muscle weakness and imbalance, instead of merely alleviating the symptoms.