"I have not experienced any back issues or injuries so I never would have thought I needed a chiropractor but I am very glad I tried it when we brought my husband. I had pain from tense lower back at night but assumed it was due to my pregnancy (6 months along) and normal; however after only a few visits I no longer have pain in my lower back. My chiropractor found another tense spot and is fixing it. Most importantly I already feel an impact and I love the educational portion they have here. I plan to continue to come."

- Vanessa Najera

"Very friendly staff, feel a lot of emphasis is put on patient questions and ensuring I am receiving care that is specific to my needs."

- Kenneth Zubaty

"I have been having neck pains due to my excessive work on laptop, thanks to Dr. Jason since I have started seeing him I have been neck pain FREE in a very short time frame. Also, Dr. Jason is very knowledgeable in other health issues as well. I recommend anyone to please give Corrective Chiropractic a try!"

- Abdul Subhani

"I appreciated the professionalism and positive attitude of the staff. Also, I feel like I am treated with respect and care, I am more than a 'number' and that the doctors truly care about my wellbeing."

- Paola Benson

"Since receiving treatment here just over the last week, I've become more aware and knowledgeable of how small injuries or physical concerns, if treated early, can vastly help prevent major ones in the future."

- Marchaund Tiller

"I am finding relief from an ongoing nerve/compression problem after only 2 treatments."

- Dolly Underwood

"I have never been to a chiropractor before and it has been amazing to understand what exactly the problem is and know how we are addressing it! I have already started recommending you to friends!"

- Erin Tsatosos

"This has been an awesome experience. It was unexpectedly affordable. There was no medication involved."

- Joseph Brown

"My name is Stormie Gordon and I would like for people to know how Corrective Chiropractic has changed my life! Due to a referral by a friend, and my desperation for pain relief from two herniated discs in my neck and two in my back, I went expecting there would be nothing that could be done for me. WOW, was I wrong! In just a few short weeks, I went from extreme pain to no pain at all. I went from being attached to my recliner to now being active once more like I was in my younger years. I will soon be 55 and now have new hope for a long, pain free life!!!! YIPPEE!"

- Stormie Gordon